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Wonder Workshop’s standard-based curricular resources spark creativity and self-confidence with students of all ages, inspiring them to dream up new adventures while developing lifelong skills and competencies.

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Discover a clear scope + sequence

Guide students to practice and progress through our K-5 Learn to Code and 6-8 Applied Robotics curriculums, which cover the fundamentals and more advanced coding and robotic skills. Our standards-based lessons encourage active learning through creative problem-solving tasks that have real-world application.

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Find cross-curricular connections

Search through our database of lesson plans and turnkey activities that can be implemented across all core subject areas. Find STEAM-related content and easy-to-integrate ideas for grades K-8. Apply coding and robotics across the curriculum.

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Level up with our free apps

From kindergarten on up, our seven apps promote student agency. Students are introduced to a variety of ways to code and control the robots as they work through the in-app demos, challenges, and puzzles at their own pace, before exploring through free play.

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Advance through the 72 challenge cards

Complementary to the K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum, these popular student-facing challenges are perfect to use for individual practice or in small-group rotation stations. Track students’ progress as they work their way through all six levels.

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Collaborate in the student design notebooks

Ideate, test, and repeat. Middle school students can express their creative ideas in these 6-8 Applied Robotics Curriculum Student Design Notebooks. Take a project-based approach to assess your students’ proficiency.

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Applied Robotics

Steeped in design thinking, the three project-based units offer students choice and voice as they advance to the next level of coding and robotics.

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